Security tips during the festive season


December is traditionally a busy Month for every one of us as it’s the time during which we celebrate Christmas and usher into the New Year. During this season, many of us will be out for shopping, socializing while others will travel upcountry, and visit families and friends. Please note that most burglaries are opportunistic and the Christmas season provides just the opportunity for them to do all sorts of criminal activities.

While we work hard to identify criminals and deter their activities, taking a few simple precautions will help to stop most or all of these activities. We thus encourage you to:

• Be careful while shopping for there are many conmen using this time to fake products.

• Do not leave your valuable in cars as this is an open invitation to criminals

• Do not move with large sums of money (Use Mobile Money).

• Do not leave your homes unattended to, at least leave someone to take care of the home or,
Inform your trusted neighbors that you will be away for a specified period of time.

• Do not leave your mobile devices near windows or doors.

• Loud music attracts burglars, do not play loud music

• Shut and lock your doors even if you’re going out for a short period of time

Otherwise, we wish you a happy festive season.

Uganda Police

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